Much like the rest of this website, this is an unwarranted and unwelcome disclosure. However, I find that publishing your intended goals makes you more accountable to them. Here’s a list of things I’m putting a “pin” in for later — to revisit at a time when I either have more money, more time, or more urgency.

I don’t think it’s a bad thing to write these things down, or to put things off to later. The truth is, we are all human and can not possibly attend or accomplish all of our hopes, thoughts, and dreams in a single, infinitesimal second. Or even at every single waking second. It is as important to be realistic and self-aware as it is important to be committed to what you long to accomplish. So here, for future reference and for future evolution and updating, is a list of significant things I would like to accomplish over my lifetime.

Many of them will center around helping others, because I hope that I can remember, when I revisit this, that caring for those around us (people, nature) is the single most important thing we can do for each other.

  1. Give someone the opportunity to go to college (whether through electing the right officials, or paying for someone myself) — and if possible, many “someones.”
  2. Volunteer for at least 2 years at a nonprofit organization.
  3. Spend a birthday or holiday doing something completely selfless, for those in need.
  4. Create a website or community where people can list their material wants & needs, and strangers or friends alike can purchase those things. An e-commerce site entirely focused on giving, where people can only give to other people, and not purchase for themselves.
  5. Mentor, nurture, or take care of someone (be it my own child, someone else’s child, or an adult, or an older person) so that they have a life rich with art, science, thought, and compassion.
  6. Make a significant impact on the environment by making up for years of destroying it. Live as green as humanly possible, even if it’s the harder thing to do.
  7. Live close to my family so that I can spend more time with them.
  8. Have dinner with a homeless person.
  9. Write a book about a minority person that reminds everyone that minority people are capable, incredible, and equal people.
  10. Rekindle my love affair with the arts — read classics, play the piano, and create things for the sake of creating them.